Friday, April 20, 2012


Today, me and my mother went to the salon to pamper our tired feet and hands! I love Mani- Pedi sessions. I love the smell of nail polishes. You too? Hehe. Every girl loves going to salons. Who doesn't, right? We went to our favorite salon in the city, which is the Mirrors Salon and Spa.

Here are some of the photos:


My footsies waiting to be pampered. :3

All the other ladies getting pampered too.

We were supposed to have a foot spa, but sad to say they only have Manong to do the service. So it's a no no for me and my mother dear.

Le Mother.

Seryoso si ate.

My turn!

Boring digits.

Clean toes for me.

French tips .

After pampering ourselves, we went to this small restaurant where they serve the best " Tabirak". I forgot how much but it was yummy! We even brought some for my nephews at home waiting for merienda. How was your day? I hope you'll have a good one! :)

the devil wears ukay =*.*=


  1. manong is doing the footspa? That's kinda weird.

    1. Kaya nga. Yong parang kinuha lang siya jan sa tabi tabi para magfoot spa ang dating. Sabay himas himas sa legs mo. Ayaw! :|


thanks for the comment ^^

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