Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hey everyone! I just want to share to you my favorite products that I've been using for almost two years from IWhite Korea. I've heard a lot of positive reviews from them, so I grabbed one for myself too!

Facial Cream with Mulberry & Panax Ginseng Plus Titanium Dioxide

What I love about this product is that it isn't heavy and sticky on my skin and it has everything I need in just a bottle! Here is the description at the back.

A natural facial cream that gives you 3 benefits for a complete protection:

`Whitening- Mulberry Root Extract whitens the skin for an even- toned complexion.

` Dual UV Protection- Titanium Dioxide protects the skin from the harmful ultra- violet rays that can cause premature ageing. *love it! with SPF 15

` Make- up base- Enriched with Vitamins A, C, E and Panax Ginseng to protect skin from harsh environment ensuring silky smoothness. Ideal for all types of make- up.

*very light on skin
*doesn't give you that shiny, oily effect which I love
*i love love its citrus smell, very refreshing
*available at drugstore counters, I got mine at Watsons. I forgot how much but I 'm sure it's from 100-150 pesos only for the 65 ml bottle.

I can't think of anything I hate about it! :)

Over- all rating: 5/5

Definitely, Yes!

Moisturizing Facial Wash with Mulberry & Panax Ginseng

The first time I've used this product was on August of 2010, and it was love at first wash! My mother introduced me to this product, I'm so glad she did. I'm just going to put here the description written at the back.

It is a breakthrough scientific formula, refined by Bio- Nanotechnology, making it more potent. It deeply cleanses, removes excess oil and eliminates skin impurities without drying the skin. It whitens, revitalizes and improves skin condition or a more radiant complexion, helps prevent pimples and other skin irritations. It also has Vitamins C & E to protect skin from free radicals.
* Cheap for only 139 pesos for the 70 ml bottle.
* Available at drugstores, I got this at Watsons.
* Gentle on skin
* Effective
* I love the citrusy smell of it.

I can't think of any, I just love this product! :)

Over-all rating: 5/5

Definitely, yes!

Nose Pack Whiteheads and Blackheads Remover with Mulberry & Panax Ginseng Plus Aloe Vera

I recently discovered this one from IWhite, I've been using it for almost 2 months now and so far, I'm loving the results. This is my first time with nose packs, so I really can't compare it with the other products in the market.

IWhite Nose Pack is a solution that is effective in removing whiteheads and blackheads, eliminates deep- seated dirt, and other impurities. It minimizes pores and excess oil on the nose.

* available at drugstore, I got mine at Watsons
* effective so far
* i love the citrus smell of it
* affordable, ranges from 100- 150 pesos for the 50 ml bottle

* It takes a lot of patience really after waiting for the mask to dry and peel it off on your nose. haha!

Try one for yourself, and see how it works on you! I hope this post helped you guys. Have a great day everyone! :))

the devil wears ukay =*.*=


  1. what's your rating for the nose pack? I saw this at watsons too and I got curious but since its a new product, I didn't quite trust it yet.

    1. So far, it did gave me good results. I have open pores on my nose and cheeks, and honestly after many weeks of using it, it did minimize my pores and blackheads! i think I'm gonna rate it as 4/5. :)


thanks for the comment ^^

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