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Hello Everyone! What's your foundation routine? Do we really need to wear foundation every single day? Well, in my case I don't apply foundation every time I go out. Lucky for me, I don't get to experience acne breakouts. My only problem are my whiteheads on my under eyes and open pores. Ugh. I wanted to share to you ladies my current foundation routine. What I love about it is that, it gives me that flawless look after applying these products. Keep on reading! :)

These products are what I'm currently using as my foundation routine. All products are locally available and very affordable too. I tend to change my face powder like every 2 to 3 months I guess, because I love to explore more options and find out what suits my face.

Here it goes!

Step 1: Moisturize and Protect!

Especially with the humid weather here in the Philippines, we really really need to moisturize. This step depends on your concern with regards to your skin type. I have a normal to dry skin so for me, I use heavy duty moisturizer that will do the job of hydrating my dry skin. I'm using the Nivea Sun Moisturizing Protect ( i'll be posting a review on this product soon) . All throughout the day, my T zone area tends to be oily, while around my mouth and nose is where I occasionally peel.

For me, we really have to invest much on our moisturizers because this will help our skin look younger as we age. Olay products are known for their anti- aging moisturizers, and I think I will be trying one out after I ran out on my current moisturizer. Now for make- up primers or base, I'm using IWhite Korea face cream. Review here. Primers are used before you apply your foundation to help it adhere onto your skin and tends to last longer all throughout the day. Primers are not really a must-have, but it really helps to even out wrinkles and fine lines which is a bonus for us ladies!

Step 2: Apply Foundation

Step 2 is all about applying foundation. I'm currently using this product from Maybelline, the Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation. I'm in the shade 0- Light. I love this product because it covers all my imperfections without giving me that heavy make- up look. My pores on my cheeks are less visible, and it's very subtle on my skin! It stays on my face for hours too. It's so sad to hear that this product is discontinued. Why oh why?? If you have dry skin like mine, why don't you try the water technique? I call it that, but it really works for me if I want to achieve that dewy look! Use a sponge or your fave foundation brush, spray some H20 on it and dot it on your foundation, then gently with patting motions apply it on your face. Obviously, it's kinda hard if you use your bare hands on this technique. It tends to get messy. Hate hate.

Step 3: Conceal

After applying my foundation, I usually apply concealer on my under eyes and on some other areas that needs to be concealed. I'm currently using Koshize Concealer, I'm in the shade CK 1. I like this product because it covers really well and it's not dry like most concealers I've used before. I also use once in a while the Elf Concealer, but I don't like the shade of it because it's too dark for me. I love concealers that are 1 shade lighter than me, because when I apply it on my under eyes it gives me brighter looking eyes.

Step 4: Apply Powder

My last step, would be applying powder. Some would have Contour and Blush as their fourth step but I don't contour my face. Maybe soon, I'll try experimenting and see how it looks on me. Well, anyway my current face powder would be the Fanny Serrano Two- Way Cake Foundation. This is actually my sister's but I borrowed it from here since she has lots of foundation powders already and obviously napogpog na because of his makulit na baby boy. I've heard a lot of good reviews from other beauty enthusiasts, and they were all right! It covers really well, it doesn't feel heavy and it even contains Vitamin E that softens and nourishes the skin. It's very affordable too, for only 399 pesos.

So that's it for my foundation routine! I guess I will be changing my liquid foundation as soon as I hit the last drop of it, since my current is discontinued. Boo! And also my face powder because obviously, I'm almost hitting the pan already. It's so sad that it isn't available here in Iligan. I might search for online shops for another buy.

How about you, what's your foundation routine?? Do you have specific techniques in applying it? Share it, I might get some ideas from you too. I hope this post helped you out!
Have a fabulous day everyone! :*

the devil wears ukay =*.*=


  1. i like ur blog header... cute illusration.

  2. isn't Nivea Sun Moisturizing Protect a little too heavy on the face? I often find this a problem with sunblocks with very high spf.

    1. Yup, it is kinda heavy. what I do is that I only apply ust a pea size of it all over my face. that way, i get protected and moisturized without feeling heavy on the face. But this one dries quickly though, not like most sunblocks where in you have to wait for like 20mins max.


thanks for the comment ^^

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