Thursday, April 26, 2012


Lipstick had to be the one make- up I can't live without. I used to store them in my make- up cabinet like these photos below, but mine is in light blue with 4 compartments. I find it very time consuming when I'm trying to find the lipstick I'm after, most especially when I'm in a hurry for school.

My sister loves make- up too, she had this storage box where in she puts her lipsticks in. But she has plenty so she bought the bigger one. She then gave this to me, and I decided to customize it because it was in a very boring red color.

I cut out make- up related photos in a magazine and glued it on the surfaces of the box. After that I blow- dried it for the cut outs to stick on the box properly since I'm using only an ordinary glue.

I store these precious little things upside down so that I can pick the color I want in a glance. I arrange them according to the brand of the lipstick, I only have a few from Nyx, Wet n' Wild, Avon, Koshize, Maybelline, Mac, Ever Bilena and Victoria's Secret.

I put the glosses at the side because it only fits on the box that way, and my Elf Candy Shop lip gloss on the other side. When I've accumulated a lot in time, I'd prolly do an updated lip storage idea.

How about you? How do you store your lipsticks? :)

the devil wears ukay =*.*=


  1. This makes me feel like I'm doing a horrible job in organizing my lippies. They're everywhere! And I think I've at least a couple of them for being so disorganized.


thanks for the comment ^^

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