Monday, April 30, 2012


Ever since I've been using the Maybelline BB Cream , I've been looking for other brands that are more affordable but still hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. Then I found this SHAWILL BLEMISH BALM at Watsons! It is way more affordable, for only P168! At first I was hesitant in buying their products, thinking that it is made in China. The sales lady told me that she's been using the products and so far it had good results on her, so I bought the BB Cream to try it out.

They have a wide variety of make-up that I'm interested of trying! The packaging is cute, but it's flimsy though. I've been using this product for two weeks now, and so far I didn't get any breakouts or allergic reactions. Yey!

It actually have 4 shades, I got the 01 shade because it's closer to my skin tone and also because according to the sales lady it's the "natural shade" among the selections and the number 02 shade was way more lighter than my skin tone. At first try, I looked reaaaaaaaally pale white but as it stays longer on my skin it blends naturally. Thank God!


* very affordable! 168 pesos for the 45ml bottle
* looks natural the longer it stays on the skin
* no strong smell
* with SPF 25!
*blends really well on the skin before it even sets
*very light on the skin, it feels like you're just wearing your moisturizer
* doesn't "cake", to think that I have a very dry skin
* you have 4 shades to choose from!
*it's waterproof too!


* light coverage, it doesn't fully cover my blemishes
* I don't know if it is ideal for those who have really dark skin tone because it tends to look really white after application



lol face

So far, I'm loving the results and I like how it looks natural on my face. Definitely, I will buy another bottle!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Drowning Equilibriums: Postura Day 22: Pastel Play + Giveaway

Drowning Equilibriums: Postura Day 22: Pastel Play + Giveaway: So Mich just had a minor nosebleed because of the heat! Waaah! Anyway, woke up late (jamming session at Cubao X with my cousins and blog bf...

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I love lipsticks, most especially those affordable yet good- quality lippies! I only have two out of the array of gorgeous colors, Paris and Narcissus. I got this from THE DIGITAL TRAINCASE, check out their multiply for more.

According to their site: NYX Round Lipstick is our classic lipstick for all-year round. The mineral-based emollient formula offers a beautiful velvet texture, saturated color and it resists wear and smudging. It’s your go-to lipstick. From Pure Nude to Pink Lyric to Chic Red, Round Lipstick is available in a jaw-dropping 126 shades.

So, for my verdict!

PACKAGING: I love the packaging, it's so cute. I like how they put the shade of the lipstick at the bottom and the label of the color on top of the lid. That way, it would be easy to pick the color I want from the two.

COLOR, COVERAGE, FINISH: I love the colors beacuse it's all pink! But I love the Paris one the most. They have a lot of different colors to choose from! From pinks, reds, nudes, purples, tangerines, and even black! I wouldn't buy it for my lips I guess, I'd rather use it as a base on my lid for dark smokey eye shadows. The coverage depends on the finish of the color. I have swatches for you to see the finish of the product.

from left: Narcissus, Paris

TEXTURE AND LONGEVITY: According to the website, it says that it resists smudging and it's long lasting but I experienced otherwise. It wasn't smudge proof AT ALL. Maybe it's because of it's texture which is very creamy. Although it is very pigmented, but it doesn't last long on my lips. I had to re-apply several times. So what I did was, I puff a little bit of face powder on my lips. Using a tissue, I cover it against my lip and then gently pat the powder brush on it. Can you imagine what I'm trying to explain? Hihi That way, the color sticks more and doesn't easily smudge right away.


INGREDIENTS: Ceresin Wax, Polyethlene Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, *Beeswax, *Lanoline Oil, *Isopropyl Myristate, *Mineral Oils, *Octyl Palmitate, *BHA, Propyl Paraben, *Mica, *Titanium Dioxide, D&C Red No.A1 Lake, Pearl Powder, Iron Oxide


PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: It's very affordable, I think I got this not more than a 150 pesos . It's available online, you can even buy this at Facebook ( if you have friends who sell make-up online), as I've said I got this from DIGITAL TRAINCASE online shop.

the devil wears ukay =*.*=


Lipstick had to be the one make- up I can't live without. I used to store them in my make- up cabinet like these photos below, but mine is in light blue with 4 compartments. I find it very time consuming when I'm trying to find the lipstick I'm after, most especially when I'm in a hurry for school.

My sister loves make- up too, she had this storage box where in she puts her lipsticks in. But she has plenty so she bought the bigger one. She then gave this to me, and I decided to customize it because it was in a very boring red color.

I cut out make- up related photos in a magazine and glued it on the surfaces of the box. After that I blow- dried it for the cut outs to stick on the box properly since I'm using only an ordinary glue.

I store these precious little things upside down so that I can pick the color I want in a glance. I arrange them according to the brand of the lipstick, I only have a few from Nyx, Wet n' Wild, Avon, Koshize, Maybelline, Mac, Ever Bilena and Victoria's Secret.

I put the glosses at the side because it only fits on the box that way, and my Elf Candy Shop lip gloss on the other side. When I've accumulated a lot in time, I'd prolly do an updated lip storage idea.

How about you? How do you store your lipsticks? :)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hello Everyone! What's your foundation routine? Do we really need to wear foundation every single day? Well, in my case I don't apply foundation every time I go out. Lucky for me, I don't get to experience acne breakouts. My only problem are my whiteheads on my under eyes and open pores. Ugh. I wanted to share to you ladies my current foundation routine. What I love about it is that, it gives me that flawless look after applying these products. Keep on reading! :)

These products are what I'm currently using as my foundation routine. All products are locally available and very affordable too. I tend to change my face powder like every 2 to 3 months I guess, because I love to explore more options and find out what suits my face.

Here it goes!

Step 1: Moisturize and Protect!

Especially with the humid weather here in the Philippines, we really really need to moisturize. This step depends on your concern with regards to your skin type. I have a normal to dry skin so for me, I use heavy duty moisturizer that will do the job of hydrating my dry skin. I'm using the Nivea Sun Moisturizing Protect ( i'll be posting a review on this product soon) . All throughout the day, my T zone area tends to be oily, while around my mouth and nose is where I occasionally peel.

For me, we really have to invest much on our moisturizers because this will help our skin look younger as we age. Olay products are known for their anti- aging moisturizers, and I think I will be trying one out after I ran out on my current moisturizer. Now for make- up primers or base, I'm using IWhite Korea face cream. Review here. Primers are used before you apply your foundation to help it adhere onto your skin and tends to last longer all throughout the day. Primers are not really a must-have, but it really helps to even out wrinkles and fine lines which is a bonus for us ladies!

Step 2: Apply Foundation

Step 2 is all about applying foundation. I'm currently using this product from Maybelline, the Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation. I'm in the shade 0- Light. I love this product because it covers all my imperfections without giving me that heavy make- up look. My pores on my cheeks are less visible, and it's very subtle on my skin! It stays on my face for hours too. It's so sad to hear that this product is discontinued. Why oh why?? If you have dry skin like mine, why don't you try the water technique? I call it that, but it really works for me if I want to achieve that dewy look! Use a sponge or your fave foundation brush, spray some H20 on it and dot it on your foundation, then gently with patting motions apply it on your face. Obviously, it's kinda hard if you use your bare hands on this technique. It tends to get messy. Hate hate.

Step 3: Conceal

After applying my foundation, I usually apply concealer on my under eyes and on some other areas that needs to be concealed. I'm currently using Koshize Concealer, I'm in the shade CK 1. I like this product because it covers really well and it's not dry like most concealers I've used before. I also use once in a while the Elf Concealer, but I don't like the shade of it because it's too dark for me. I love concealers that are 1 shade lighter than me, because when I apply it on my under eyes it gives me brighter looking eyes.

Step 4: Apply Powder

My last step, would be applying powder. Some would have Contour and Blush as their fourth step but I don't contour my face. Maybe soon, I'll try experimenting and see how it looks on me. Well, anyway my current face powder would be the Fanny Serrano Two- Way Cake Foundation. This is actually my sister's but I borrowed it from here since she has lots of foundation powders already and obviously napogpog na because of his makulit na baby boy. I've heard a lot of good reviews from other beauty enthusiasts, and they were all right! It covers really well, it doesn't feel heavy and it even contains Vitamin E that softens and nourishes the skin. It's very affordable too, for only 399 pesos.

So that's it for my foundation routine! I guess I will be changing my liquid foundation as soon as I hit the last drop of it, since my current is discontinued. Boo! And also my face powder because obviously, I'm almost hitting the pan already. It's so sad that it isn't available here in Iligan. I might search for online shops for another buy.

How about you, what's your foundation routine?? Do you have specific techniques in applying it? Share it, I might get some ideas from you too. I hope this post helped you out!
Have a fabulous day everyone! :*

the devil wears ukay =*.*=

Monday, April 23, 2012


Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world! I conquer mine with these thrifted boots! :)) The first time I got into thrift shopping was when I was in high school! Me and my friends would set a day where we just walk around the city, and look for vintage finds. I remember the first "ukay-ukay" I bought were floral skirts. And since then, I've been every ukay-ukay shops' suki! :) So for tonight, I'm going to share to you a few of my thrifted booties!

Dark brown boots with fringe details. I got this at a thrift store in Sta. Mesa, near my sister's house. I think i bought this for only a hundred and fifty? Ukay ukay in Manila is a bit pricey than here in Iligan. I like wearing these with skinny jeans or with my maxi skirts. But for some other girls, this would definitely look gorgeous with short flowy dresses to go with the boho touch of the look.

I got this one with the other bootie mentioned above, and what I like on this one is that I can wear it most especially during rainy seasons. It doesn't get wet on the inside because of the type of fabric used. And plus, it's flat which I love. Originally, the holes seen on the fourth picture was supposed to have fringes on them, but I don't like it because it looks costumey for me. I don't want eyes staring at me. Haha! I got this for only 200 pesos only.

Now, I've realized that almost all my boots have fringe details on them! And I don't even like fringe details on my boots! Well anyway, this one I got from a lady selling ukay ukay shoes on the street. Normally here in Iligan, ukay ukay can be found anywhere even in the corners of the street. Do you know what I mean? They don't have stores where they display their items. Kahit saan ka lumingon, may nakadisplay na ukay ukay sa kalsada. Heaven! Haha. Funny because I even lay- awayed this one! I don't have enough money with me that time, and I wanted to buy this one for a shoot so I asked the lady to reserve it for me, and promised to buy it as soon as she starts displaying again. Displaying?? hehe I love boho looks, so this one really had to be on my shoe rack!

This one I got for only 80 pesos. I like the color and the fur details of it. I love wearing this with skinny jeans and loose shirts. One thing I hate about this one, is that the sole of it is too thin and it's a bit too small for me. I don't know the word for intrada in English! hehe The length is okay but the width in the front is too small for my feet.

This would be my first ever thrifted boots! I remember the reason why I bought this one was because of the K-Pop Style trending in fashion that time. It looks so cute, but I'm just not the heel-wearing type of girl. I only wore this once! I think I'll just hold a give away on this one soon! Maybe when I reach 24 followers, since my birthday falls on the 24th of January. :))

I'm thinking about posting outfits wearing these boots, how'd you like that? I'll be posting more photos of my thrifted boots soon. Have a good night everyone! :3

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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hey everyone! I just want to share to you my favorite products that I've been using for almost two years from IWhite Korea. I've heard a lot of positive reviews from them, so I grabbed one for myself too!

Facial Cream with Mulberry & Panax Ginseng Plus Titanium Dioxide

What I love about this product is that it isn't heavy and sticky on my skin and it has everything I need in just a bottle! Here is the description at the back.

A natural facial cream that gives you 3 benefits for a complete protection:

`Whitening- Mulberry Root Extract whitens the skin for an even- toned complexion.

` Dual UV Protection- Titanium Dioxide protects the skin from the harmful ultra- violet rays that can cause premature ageing. *love it! with SPF 15

` Make- up base- Enriched with Vitamins A, C, E and Panax Ginseng to protect skin from harsh environment ensuring silky smoothness. Ideal for all types of make- up.

*very light on skin
*doesn't give you that shiny, oily effect which I love
*i love love its citrus smell, very refreshing
*available at drugstore counters, I got mine at Watsons. I forgot how much but I 'm sure it's from 100-150 pesos only for the 65 ml bottle.

I can't think of anything I hate about it! :)

Over- all rating: 5/5

Definitely, Yes!

Moisturizing Facial Wash with Mulberry & Panax Ginseng

The first time I've used this product was on August of 2010, and it was love at first wash! My mother introduced me to this product, I'm so glad she did. I'm just going to put here the description written at the back.

It is a breakthrough scientific formula, refined by Bio- Nanotechnology, making it more potent. It deeply cleanses, removes excess oil and eliminates skin impurities without drying the skin. It whitens, revitalizes and improves skin condition or a more radiant complexion, helps prevent pimples and other skin irritations. It also has Vitamins C & E to protect skin from free radicals.
* Cheap for only 139 pesos for the 70 ml bottle.
* Available at drugstores, I got this at Watsons.
* Gentle on skin
* Effective
* I love the citrusy smell of it.

I can't think of any, I just love this product! :)

Over-all rating: 5/5

Definitely, yes!

Nose Pack Whiteheads and Blackheads Remover with Mulberry & Panax Ginseng Plus Aloe Vera

I recently discovered this one from IWhite, I've been using it for almost 2 months now and so far, I'm loving the results. This is my first time with nose packs, so I really can't compare it with the other products in the market.

IWhite Nose Pack is a solution that is effective in removing whiteheads and blackheads, eliminates deep- seated dirt, and other impurities. It minimizes pores and excess oil on the nose.

* available at drugstore, I got mine at Watsons
* effective so far
* i love the citrus smell of it
* affordable, ranges from 100- 150 pesos for the 50 ml bottle

* It takes a lot of patience really after waiting for the mask to dry and peel it off on your nose. haha!

Try one for yourself, and see how it works on you! I hope this post helped you guys. Have a great day everyone! :))

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Friday, April 20, 2012


I saw this tag from a blogger, and I thought that it would be fun answering these questions so here it goes!


1. How many times do you wash your face daily?
Twice a day.  Morning and before going to bed.

2. What skin type do you have? Dry, oily, or combi skin?
Normal to dry skin.

3. What is your current facial wash?
I'm using IWhite Moisturizing Facial Wash ,(i'll be posting on my review on this product soon.)
 and Maxi Peel facial wash.

4. Do you exfoliate? How often?
Yes , once or twice a week.

5. What product do you use to exfoliate?
I use facial scrubs from St. Yves, I love the Apricot Scrub variant. I also use Maxi Peel Exfoliating Cream in #1 Mild.

6. What moisturizer do you use?
My facial wash has moisturizing benefits, and I'm also using Nivea Sun Moisturizing  Protection.

7. Do you have freckles/sun spots?

8. Do you use toners on your face?
Yes. I use Celeteque Dermoscience Toner in Hydration.

9. How about BB Cream?
Yup, I'm using Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream.

10. Do you use eye cream?
Before I was using the Garnier Eye cream.

11. Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Lucky for me, my skin isn't prone to acne and breakouts.  My only problem is my whiteheads on my under eyes.  T T

12. Did you ever have to use pro-activ?

13. What foundation do you use?
I am currently using Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation in Light.

14. How about concealer?
I'm using Koshize Cream Concealer. Review on the product here.

15. Do you know your undertone color?
I think mine is in yellow undertones.

16. What do you think of fake eyelashes?
Faux lashes are so useful when you wanna create the Gyaru look or if you just want to achieve a bigger  and brighter looking eyes.

17. Did you know that you're supposed to change mascara every 3 months?

18. What brand of mascara do you use?
I'm using the Avon Supershock Mascara and Maybelline Volume Express Water Proof mascara

19. Sephora or Mac?

20. Do you have a MAc pro card?

21. What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
I use make-up brushes and applicators.

22. Do you use makeup base or primer for your eyes?
When I go to parties I use eye primer but on daily basis, I don't use one since I don't put on eye make-up. Just an eye liner and mascara. 

23. For the face?
Yes, I'm using IWhite Korea Skin Whitening Vita Facial Cream.
(i'll be posting on my review on this product soon.)

24. What is your favorite eyeshadow shade?
I love Earth tones. Neutral shades.

25. Do you use pencil or liquid liner?

26. How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
Once in a while. I'm more on liquid liners.

27. What do you think of pigment eye shadows?
I used them once, I remember I had two shades  from Mom & Me. Copper and some Golden Yellow tones. It's very eye catching, and it looks vibrant in the eyes.

28. Do you use mineral makeup?
I've used once, the Loreal Mineral Foundation. It was great on my skin but I prefer compact ones.

29. What is your favorite "go-to" lipstick? Why?
I love Ever Bilena's Matte lipstick in Pink Flame! The product is so cheap and it has great quality as well.

30. How about lip gloss? Why?
I'm not a fan of lip glosses. Idk, I just don't like something sticky on my lips. :3

31. What is your favorite blush to use and why?
Recently, I'm in love with Sophie Magic  Pink cream! It gives me a natural pink cheeks. Review on this product here.

32. Do you buy makeup on ebay/

33. Do you like drugstore makeup?
YES. Very affordable!

34. Do you go to cosmetic company outlets?

35. Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
Of course! Who wouldn't??

36. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

37. Name a makeup crime that you hate.
Girls who put on too much blush on, and bloody red lipstick with dark eye shadows. Too much.

38. Do you like colorful shades of makeup or neutral ones?
Depends on the occasion but I love neutral shades more.

39. Which celebrity/ies always has/have great makeup?
Liz Uy, Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, and Kim Kardashian.

40. If you could leave the house using just one makeup item, what would you use?

41. Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on
Does wearing a lipstick on counts as make-up? Haha. Yes, but as long as I have a lip color on! 

42. In your opinion, what is the best makeup line?
Geee. I guess it should be Mac. I don't have my own Mac products, ( I just borrow from my Mum) but from what I've read Mac has always been their first choice.

43. What do you think of makeup?
Make-up can transform one's face. It can either enhance your asset or hide the flaws on your face. I believe that make-up should be every girl's best friend. You just have to learn how to do the basics, and you are good to go lady!

44. What is your favorite "quote" related to makeup?
“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” 
― Yves Saint-Laurent

45. If you were a makeup tool/product, what would you be and why?
Lip products. I can't leave the house without lipstick on! My lips are so pale, my friends would call me a walking dead. That's how pale I am. Anyone can go bare with the face, but when you apply lipstick on.. it changes the look instantly! Lipsticks are really a must-have for ya ladies out there. :3


Today, me and my mother went to the salon to pamper our tired feet and hands! I love Mani- Pedi sessions. I love the smell of nail polishes. You too? Hehe. Every girl loves going to salons. Who doesn't, right? We went to our favorite salon in the city, which is the Mirrors Salon and Spa.

Here are some of the photos:


My footsies waiting to be pampered. :3

All the other ladies getting pampered too.

We were supposed to have a foot spa, but sad to say they only have Manong to do the service. So it's a no no for me and my mother dear.

Le Mother.

Seryoso si ate.

My turn!

Boring digits.

Clean toes for me.

French tips .

After pampering ourselves, we went to this small restaurant where they serve the best " Tabirak". I forgot how much but it was yummy! We even brought some for my nephews at home waiting for merienda. How was your day? I hope you'll have a good one! :)

the devil wears ukay =*.*=

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last April 14, me and my family went to Cagayan de Oro City to raid the mall! SM had their 3 Day sale, so we went there on the second day. Our journey to the land of discounted cosmetics was not easy, I tell you. Haha * journey jud!*  Apparently, the beautiful city of Libertad(i think?) is having a road construction. It was one hell of a bumpy road, but despite that obstacle we had to go through, it was sooo woth it. So, anyways.. I bought myself some cosmetics since I ran out of em.     

Here are the photos with swatches :

My mini haul! I bought it all at Watson's Limketkai.


This had to be one of the best whitening lotions I've ever used . A Bonne is known for their wide variety of whitening products. I remember the first product I bought  was the A Bonne Spa Milk Salt. Anyway, I love the fact that I get 5 benefits in just one bottle! This concentrate milk lotion protects my skin from UV rays and it gives me a healthy glow. It is light, non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin. It is specially formulated with Lacticare Milk Power and Collagen which are gentle to my skin. I love how it deeply moisturizes my skin and eliminates dryness and restores lasting radiance. It also has special skin nutrients that will stimulate skin cells which gives me that bright looking skin and restore elasticity and firmness! This is my second purchase of this product. I forgot how much it is, but I think it's around P120-130 for the 300 ml bottle.


I saw this product first when Watson's Iligan branch opened. I was hesitant on buying it, thinking that I  would be wasting my money over it. But when I was browsing Youtube about reviews on the product, it was all positive feedback. So I bought myself one bottle! Sadly... I got the wrong shade. It's in bronze,  which doesn't match my skin color at all! It's darker, and when I blend it on my skin it's very obvious that I put something on it. Boohoo. But I like how it stays on the skin, it isn't dry and sticky. It's only P80  for 50ml. I think I'm going to buy another one, and this time I'll make sure I pick the right shade! :)

It looks lighter on camera but, actually it really is darker than my skin color.


I bought a new one since I ran out of it, so I got the brown shade since the medium brown was a bit too dark for my brows. 

It doesn't come with a brush. tss



I bought this one simply because I love pink. I was asking the sales lady if they have a tester on it but sadly they ran out of it. At first I was skeptical, because I don't want to waste my money *thriftshopper kahit on sale*. Still, I bought it. AND I regret buying it. I specifically don't love lipsticks with shimmer on it. I don't like how it looks on my lips. :S 

without flash

with flash


I got this for only P100! So affordable! The colors are okay, it comes with 8 shades of eye shadows and 2 shades of blusher, obviously. It's funny why they labeled it as MATTED when it actually has visible shimmer on it. As far I know, matted eyeshadows don't have shimmer on it. O.o

I'll be posting soon on my first look using this palette and the other products that I bought! :)))

It comes with a free liquid eye liner! :)

I am totally not loving the tip because it's not firm, it's too soft and it makes it hard for me to line my lid properly. 

I like how it easily dries on the lid.

swatches on the first line of eyeshadows without flash

with flash

the second line of eyeshadows without flash

with flash
I forgot the swatches on the blushers. Sareee. Hihihi


Collar necklaces are so popular now. I am actually making my own detachable collars now, and I'll be posting about as soon as I finish all of it! I got this at Robinson's Department Store for only P149.50. It's cheaper than those I saw at online stores in Facebook.

That's it for my mini haul! I guess it's more of a PRODUCTS I REGRET BUYING entry. haha!

God Bless everyone! Goodnight ;*

                                                                         the devil wears ukay =*.*=

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