Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's inside this BLACK CLUTCH?

Look what I got... 24PCs make- up brush set!

I was so excited when my friend message me saying that my order has arrived! Since it's pre-ordered in Korea, my friend "warned " me that it'll take like 1 month maximum until I get my order. Still, I said yes and ordered 2 sets, one for me and one for my sister. If you're interested to check her out, just add her FB account and just PM her that you want to browse her PRE-ORDER ITEMS. I got mine for only 850 pesos, same also with my sister's.

I decided to get the plain black design, because it looks like a surgeon's clutch. HAHA! Well yeah, I wanted to be a doctor someday, in five years maybe? :)

Here is a brief description on what's inside:

24 PCS PRO Black Makeup Brush Set

Includes: Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Blush Brush, Lip Brush, Mascara Brush and more!

Material: Goat hair, aluminum, wood and PU
Brush bristle color: Black/Brown
Brush handle color: Black
Bag color: Black
Bag size: 24 * 12 * 5cm (folded)
Product weight: 318g

I like how the brushes are covered, for my babies' protection. Hihi

Brush guards to keep the bristles in shape.

The bristles are soft, but it's not the softest brush I've ever used so far.
But still, i love it! The bristles are made of goat hair or 'capra'.

L-R Brow brush/ Eyelash Comb, Spooly, and Smudgers

L-R Powder brush,Fan brush (bigger than the usual!),Blush brush,Angled brush (for contour) Fan brush

Eye shadow brushes

It all looks alike noh? haha

L-R Lip brush, angled brush, shadow brushes

Concealer/ Foundation brush

And that's about it! I'm so excited to try them out, and do some make-up tutorials maybe?
What do you think? Have a great day everyone! :*

thedevilwearsukay =*.*=


  1. looks really cool :) I want to have a whole bunch of make up brushes like that!

  2. you can order from my friend if you want!:)

  3. too bad there's no stippling brush. I've been dying to get one.

    And your friend is leia khu pala! One of the veteran models in Iligan.

    1. You can try Elf's stippling brush! Usually stippling brushes aren't included in make-up brush sets, I think they are sold separately. I don't know, I haven't had the chance to browse more brush sets that are affordable. :) And yup, one of the best cosplayers in Iligan too. :)


thanks for the comment ^^

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