Saturday, June 9, 2012


In my country where the prices of gasoline, oil, and other basic needs are skyrocketing, an average Pinoy is left with a few pesos in her pocket to buy her other needs such as clothes, bags. Thank GOD for ukay ukay that anyone can get her pair of Ralph Lauren pants, Giordano blouses, and as for me, good- quality leather bags for very cheap prices!

Aren't they lovely?

BAG #1

My fave among the rest of them. I love the shape, parang lunch box lang! I got this baby for only a 120. I love how it gives a vintage touch on every outfit I pair it with. Although it's too small, I can't fit all the things I usually carry. So everytime I use this baby, I only bring what I would really need for the day. It has a long strap where I can just hang it on my shoulder or use as a body sling bag.

BAG # 2

My mom got this one from her friend who sell ukay ukay bags. I forgot how much this was, but as far as I remember it doesn't cost more than a 150 pesos. This one's very sturdy! I have this for almost 5 years now.

Lovely jewel chain used to lock the bag. Very stylish!

BAG # 3
Messenger bag

Usually, messenger bags are used by men, but it looks very stylish and cute paired with floral dresses and a pair of oxfords! Right?? My sister bought this one for me, she knows I love ukay ukay to death. She got this for only 85 pesos only.

Functional pockets to store my pens and post its. Keeping it clean and organized.

BAG # 4
Another messenger bag.

I got this for only 70 pesos. I love it. That's all I can say. haha

This one's heavier than the other one though.

That's about it! How'd you like the bags?
Do you shop for ukay ukay bags like me?:)

Have a Blessed Saturday everyone! :*


  1. Thanks for dropped a comment on my post, dear :)
    I love those vintage bags <3

    Love, Ina xoxo

  2. definitely! I have one that outlived all my other bags from Avon, Secosana, etc.

    1. Some vintage bags are way more stylish than the brand new ones!

  3. salam sis. yes. i do live malapit sa redemp.
    wow. let's meet up. :) wala kasi akong kakilala ng fashion blogger from here. ehehe

  4. Such a great post! Love it ^^ Mind to follow each other? :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  5. wooow cute bag !!!! i love your leather bag btw i have giveway on my blog its open for international . if you had a time please check my blog :) good luck :D

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thanks for the comment ^^

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