Saturday, June 16, 2012


Yesterday, me and my best friends Stacy and Nina went out for an early dinner date. Every now and then, we try to make it a point to see each other. You know what they say, the truest of friends are those who, despite distance, still manage to catch up with each other once in a while and talk as if time has not passed by.

We went to our usual place, FLAMOO! In all fairness, their food are delish! They have a lot of food to choose from. They have, obviously, grilled burgers, salads and pasta. If ever you visit Iligan City, you really must try Flamoo at the The Strip. The place is also great, most especially if you love eating in open areas. Too bad, I wasn't able to take pictures of the place.

We were busy catching up with each other's lives that I never had the chance to take decent photos of the place. Boo. But here it goes anyway!

Nacho Loco
Nachos topped with lettuce, cheese, mayonnaise and mustard. YUM!

Candid shot I took of Stacy. :)

Nina with her spaghetti.
She can't afford to eat it all without sharing the calories to us. We love each other that much :3

Flamoo Burger with Cheese.

I look so pale here. Gaah!

Stacy's going to hate me for posting this photo of her. BWAHAHAHA

HoKiYiNin loves! Yes, we have a name for our friendship. Haha
Too bad, Kit's not around to hang with us.

HoKiYiNin stands for Honey, that's me. Kit, not in the photo, Yin- for Stacy Yin, and lastly, Nina!
Love you girls! :3

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  1. i have always loved flamoo. regular customer na ko dun eh. love the red iced tea so much. <3


thanks for the comment ^^

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