Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Yeah, you read the title right. I know it's so late for me to post about my August favorites but, oh well.

Here's a quick post!

SanSan Concealer

Ever since I heard Miss MaricarlJanah of Youtube rave about this product, I had to try it myself! I use it as a highlight under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose. I bought the lightest shade, which is in Natural. I like that it's creamy and it has SPF too! Great product for a very affordable prize!

The packaging wasn't that bad either. It's very handy!

EOS Lip Balm

My favorite yummy EOS lip balm. I'm in love with the packaging! It's so cute! And it really moisturizes my dry lips. And it smells like candy too!

Hair products: Pantene Conditioner in Total Damage Care, Dove Advance Color Care Illuminizing Mist

Since I have very dry hair, and I think it REALLY is severely damaged. (I think it started when I bleached and dyed my hair early this year). I love the smell! And it did soften and smoothen my dry locks. Although i still have falling hair. I already ran out of the bottle, and I think I will be trying out another product. Tresseme maybe? :) Second hair product is Dove's Illumizing mist for color treated hair. I spray it all over with my hair still wet. I like it because it detangles my hair my unruly hair.
Eye Products: AVON Perfect Eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown, Etude House Eyebrow Kit

I use both of these products for my brow routine. But I'm planning to try the Sansan eye brow pencil in 03, which was raved by some make-up gurus in Youtube.

Hand and Body Lotions: Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow, Victoria's Secret Such A Flirt

I'm inn love with the smell! Both smells so sweet and feminine. I like the Vaseline lotion because it really smells like cocoa. And it's very hydrating to my skin.

Face:Nivea Visage Sparkling White Whitening Cleansinhg Foam

I'm actually blogging in class right now and our istructor kept warning us not to use the internet. Hence, my very short description on some products. Just comment down below if you wnat me to do reviews on some products. Ciao! :*


  1. Vaseline cocoa glow is also among my favorites this month! :) I've also wanted to try sansan concealer since maricarl janah raved about. Tell me, does it do a good job covering under-eye circles? And you've been gone for a month? where have you been?

    1. You should definitely try their concealer! It covers my dark circles really well and it's very easy to blend because of its creamy texture. Yah your'e right, alot of things happened lately that I never had the chance to sit down and blog. :( and my laptop's dead too. I will try my best to update my blog once in a while :)


thanks for the comment ^^

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