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Hi everyone! Omg, I missed blogging! Yesssss, I've been MIA for like 2 months now?? Unfortunately my laptop's dead, and I'm using my brother's notebook for this one. And apparently, my memory card won't fit on the SD card thingy.. Ugh. Why oh why?? So I can't add more photos on this entry since I only edited this one from my drafts. But anyways, here's my "welcome back again" blog entry! haha


I can never leave the house without lipstick on. Vain? I don't know.. I just can't stand seeing my lips bare and pale. I seriously have pale lips.I don't smoke even. I even had to do some blood tests and the like to check if I have Anemia or something. Thank GOD I have none. I guess I just naturally have pale lips.

So anyways, I'm so excited to do this post! I've always wanted to do this ever since I started blogging, but then I thought that I should at least collect variety of lippies to try out before I do my TOP 5 lipisticks.

Here it goes:

I'll be showing you 2 from Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks, 1 from Sophie Martine, 1 from MAC, and 1 from In2It

Aren't the colors lovely? :)

I chose my favorite shades of pink, red, and orange.

from left: MAC( Pink Nouveau), EVER BILENA ( Pink Flame, Scarlet),
IN2IT ( Juice), SOPHIE ( Mango Peach)

TOP 5 fave lipstick would be from In2It. I got it on sale, I forgot how much, but as far as I remember it was around 200 to 3oo. It was named JUICE. I've been looking for that perfect bright orange lipstick..So after seeing it at the In2It counter, I immediately tried it out. And it was on sale too, so no worries on the price! I was disappointed with the color..The lady told me that it was matte. I wanted the matte bright orange color, this one's have some sort of iridescence to it. I don't know how to describe it but it sure is not matte!

TOP 4 would be the Ever Bilena's matte lipstick in Scarlet. I love that it's not that red, it's actually more of a reddish orange color. I love it because it's matte. It's not also very drying on the lips. I love wearing it when I wanted a pop of color on my lips. I got it for a P125 instead of P155, since they had this promo going on, where in you can get a discount if you can show them any variant of their Ever Bilena matte lipstick. Yong nabili mo na before. hehe

TOP 3 would be Sophie Martine's Mango Peach lipstick. The color is more of the coral tones, a very light peachy orange color. I don't know from which line, but it is very affordable! I got it for only P79, very cheap right?? And for the quality? Nope, it wasn't cheaply made! The packaging was nice, it doesn't have this funky smell that cheap lip products have. It's also very smooth on the lips. And what I like about it is that, it stays long on my lips! I love it also that it's matte.

TOP 2 would be from Mac, Pink Nouveau. This one by far, would be my most expensive lipstick. My Dad bought it for me when he was in Manila. It costs a whooping P999 for one single lipstick! I wouldn't buy one coming from my own wallet! Haha! So anyways, I love that it's matte and creamy. It's very pigmented, and it last all day long. With it's price, it sure has to be of good quality! And we all know that Mac is known for their excellent quality of products.

And the TOP 1 fave lipstick goes to............ * drumroll*

TOP 1 would be my Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Pink Flame. Obviously, it's in pink. I wear it almost everyday! The color isn't too bright, perfect for everyday! Same with the Scarlet, it's not drying on the lips. I got it for a P155. I just love love it! It's the perfect shade for my everyday. I love how I get comments from my friends that it looks natural on me. Oh diba? Hehe

Without flash.

from left: Mango Peach SOPHIE, IN@IT Juice, EVER BILENA Scarlet,
EVER BILENA Pink Flame, Mac Pink Nouveau

With flash.

from left: Mango Peach SOPHIE, IN@IT Juice, EVER BILENA Scarlet,
EVER BILENA Pink Flame, Mac Pink Nouveau

How about you, what's your TOP 5 favorite lipstick??



  1. great post and pics! same tayo ng lippies sis except lang for the mac haha :)

  2. thanks for posting this! I'd love to try those ever bilena lipsticks!

  3. nice one!! i love lipsticks...


  4. I also love Scarlet from Ever Bilena. I always have a variety of shades of lipsticks in my kikay kit, but I am never wirthout the Scarlet matte lipstick. It's amazing what difference it can make to your entire look. I have my own post here:


    Btw, I love your blog here. If you would be interested in following each other, just let me know dear :)


thanks for the comment ^^

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